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Zinc for health glowing skin? Absolutely! Recent studies in Turkey have shown that zinc supplementation helps your body's natural protection processes. Especially in the skin.  It soothes redness and maintains normal oil production minimizing breakouts.

This research shows that people who suffer from acne have lower levels of zinc compared to the control group of those with clear skin, In one study alone the difference was 24% between the two groups.  

When bacteria invade a blocked pore they sometimes cause severe irritation in the area.  This is the source of the red painful bumps associated with breakouts. 

Furthermore, these studies show that acne prone skin reacts stronger to this bacteria than non acne prone skin.  

Zinc is a strong antioxidant, it maintains lower levels of keratin in the skin allowing for the pores to open and remain clear easier.

Remember Zinc Orotate is known for its  high bio-availability and has been shown to be effective against all breakouts. 

Zinc Orotate was one of our most popular products in 2017 

To support caring for your skin and so much more, we have a special product offer for our loyal customers - Buy 2 Zinc Orotate,  receive a bottle for FREE!

About the products offered in the special:

Zinc Orotate

Zinc Orotate nutritionally supports a healthy immune system, the body's normal stress response along with a multitude of human bodily functions.*
Orotic acid is a biochemical substance made naturally by the human body; orotates are mineral salts created by binding a mineral to orotic acid.

Zinc Orotate provides a well absorbed source of zinc.

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