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Rigorous Testing Methodology

Multistage in-house NSF-designed testing protocols using USP standards. 

All testing done in our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory and selected third-party ISO certified laboratory. 

Stage 1 Testing Identity

Stage 1

Raw Material Identification, Purity and Potency 

Stage 2 Testing In-Production

Stage 2

In-Process Batch Testing

Stage 3

Finished Product Identification, Purity, Potency, Heavy Metal and Microbiological

Stage 4 Testing

Stage 4

Product Stability


Stage 1

Stage 1 Testing Herbs Raw Ingredients

Raw Materials

Every raw material has a unique microbial or environmental adulteration hazard (such as radiation).  We have established a predetermined testing protocol suited for each material and its risk level to ensure purity. 

We conduct 100% testing using USP method 1119 near-Infrared spectroscopy, a scientific process that uses chemometric models to establish the identity and potency of raw materials.


Stage 2

In-Process Batch Testing

During production, from ingredient selection through bottling, each process is monitored, recorded, and double checked to ensure the end product meets label claim. Our full-disclosure labeling policy guarantees no hidden ingredients. 

Environmental testing for microbiological bio-burden hazards is an integral part of our testing program. Utilizing USP Method 1116 for continued evaluation of microbial limits in controlled areas ensures no microbiological contamination of the end product. 

In Process Batch Testing


Stage 3

Stage 3 Testing Finished Product

Finished Product

Before releasing a product to the public, it is tested to confirm its identity, potency, and purity. 

Each finished product is tested for microbial adulteration as well as heavy metals, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. 

This important step ensures that our supplements are the purest most potent supplements available.


Stage 4

Product Stability

All this effort would be for nothing if the product did not last until the expiration date. 

In the fourth stage, each product is tested for stability. This stage is imperative to confirm the label claim will be met through the expiration date.  

Stage 4 Product Stability

Ingredient Purity and Sustainability

We are committed to sourcing pure and sustainable ingredients. 

Our procurement team sources ingredients from around the world. Our rigorous testing methodology ensures the quality.  All ingredients are quarantined until they pass identity, purity, and potency tests. 

Priority One guarantees that all our botanicals are radiation-free. We have a standard monitoring program to ensure that radiation is not used in the sterilization of our botanicals.  

Purity Concept Earth

Glandular Sources


Primary Source Denmark

Do you know where your glandulars are coming from? Do they contain antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, or heavy metals? 

Glandular supplementation has a long and safe history of effective use by medical professionals. As with all the ingredients we source for our products, quality and purity are top priorities, which is why Denmark is our primary source for glandular ingredients.  

Denmark has been antibiotic and growth hormone free for all bovine and porcine glands since 1998. Denmark sourced glands are pure, untreated, and retain the best balance of naturally occurring hormones available. 

Secondary Sources New Zealand and Argentina

When necessary due to supply shortage, unavailability and other factors present in sourcing ingredients from around the world, we utilize our rigorous testing methodology to procure ingredients that meet the highest standards of purity. 

For example, our thyroid supplements are currently sourced from New Zealand.

New Zealand

Not all glandular sources are equal. We go to great lengths to procure the finest glands available. Sources include Denmark, with one of the most robust quality control systems in the world, and pristine places such as New Zealand and Argentina, which are renowned for their impeccable quality in glandular products.

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Our Facility

Priority One Facility

CGMP Manufacturing

Many companies claim quality, but true quality requires continual action. Our full-service CGMP manufacturing facility is certified under 21 CFR Part 111. We are a registered facility with the FDA and the state of Washington for dietary supplement manufacturing. 

We would also like to note that our facility has been approved in more than 10 countries for dietary supplement manufacturing.