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State of California Prop 65

​​​​(800) 443-2039 or (360) 366-7285

Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc.
2681 Delta Ring Rd.
Ferndale, WA 98248

Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. is here by notifying all clients of the following regulations that must be adhered to: Proposition 65

Due to the legal situation that some companies and clients have run into while doing business in the State of California, we have decided that the following would be prudent for all of our clients, and thus this letter will serve as public record, of what our approved policy will be.

1. If any Priority One Nutritional Supplement Inc. product is sold in the State of California, by any entity, it must be accompanied with the provided pdf. hand out or sign containing the 

 Proposition 65 warning. No exceptions! 

 This warning will be considered acceptable when provided in the following manner:

a. Directly given to the end user at the time of purchase. If this is during an office visit, the physician may choose to post the warning sign where the product is kept, and inform the patient at the time of purchase that there is a warning in effect.

b. Posted in the waiting room, on the shelf, and or near the shelf that the product is pulled from.

c. Add to the box if the product is shipped to a patient residing in the Sate of California.

d. Add to any box, or provided to any patient that might bring the product into the State of California.

2. Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. will provide this warning in the form of a pdf. brochure and sign to each client, along with stickers that may be applied if such client does not believe that the warning sign and or hand out option are appropriate for their business model.

Each client must agree in writing when opening a new account or renewing an existing account with Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. that they adhere to these regulations. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter to protect both yourself and Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. from needless lawsuits.

As a disclaimer, please note that Priority One Nutritional Supplements Inc. does not feel any exposure needing such a warning is warranted on our products, bottles, plastics, and foil seals. 

Due to the aggressive legal climate, and the unfair burden of proof, we are taking these actions to preemptively protect our business and yours from litigation that has harmed many of our competitors recently.