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Cal Mag Plus Boron Effervescent (333g)

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Cal Mag Plus Boron Effervescent , this delicious vanilla and tropical punch flavored effervescent calcium, magnesium, and boron supplement, is an easy way to obtain all the benefits of these vital minerals.*
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This delicious vanilla and tropical punch flavored effervescent calcium and magnesium supplement, is an easy way to obtain all the benefits of these vital minerals. It is great for children, adolescents, seniors, and people who are not able to swallow tablets or capsules.*

Adequate calcium and Vitamin D intake throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.*

Not all calcium supplements are the same. For the body to benefit from calcium tablets or capsules, they must dissolve in the stomach. Some tablets may pass through the gastrointestinal system without fully disintegrating. As a result, the body only absorbs part of the calcium or none, depending on the individual.

Cal Mag Plus Boron Effervescent tablets offered as a vanilla-flavored effervescent powder for the benefit of individuals who may have difficulty with the disintegration of tablets or capsules.

Calcium is the body’s most abundant mineral. Teeth and bones contain 99% of the body's calcium. Adequate calcium intake is essential for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. The remaining 1% is found in the blood and other bodily fluids where, among other things, it aids with blood clotting, nerve transmission, and muscle operation.2

Calcium is stored in the bones, insufficient daily calcium intake can cause the body’s serum calcium level to drop below optimal levels. When serum calcium levels drop, the body takes the calcium its needs from the bones, causing the bones to weaken. Research indicates that bone resorption responds immediately to increased calcium intake.

Inadequate calcium intake is one of primary nutritional concerns in the United States.* The individuals most affected include the following:

  •          Adolescents, whose bones are developing.*
  •          Pregnant women, whose bodies give up calcium for the fetus.*
  •          Lactating women, whose milk depletes their own calcium supply.*
  •          Elderly individuals, who lose bone mass as part of the natural aging process.*
  •          Vegan individuals, who do not consume dairy.*
  •          Individuals who are allergic to dairy products or lactose intolerant.*

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