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  • Dr. Anderson Exclusive Products
    We have partnered with Dr. Paul Anderson in creating formulas like Biofilm Phase-2 advanced & Methyl Balance. We are proud to be a part of his AAMP conferences, and partner with him on campuses all over the US.
  • Dr. Marchese Exclusive Products
    Dr. Marchese's 3 formulations address the liver's ability to detox, specifically hormones. These 3 products provide cofactors, antioxidants, and targeted herbs to help support Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox enzymatic pathways.
  • Dr. Morstein Exclusive Products
    Dr. Morstein's 4 SIBO products addresses the 4 stages of eliminating SIBO: antibiotic herbs, digestive enzyme, rebuild the intestinal lining, and re-stimulation of the MMC. With this systematic approach, you can approach SIBO from multiple angles naturally.
  • Adrenal Support
    Prolonged stress can affect every part of the human body. In the endocrine system the adrenals can become fatigued due to occasional stressors. Supporting these glands during these times for healthy individuals is essential. We offer a variety of formulations with various herbals and vitamins to support adrenal function.
  • Aging
    We offer many formulas to support healthy aging, including products like Joint Flex, Cardio Chelation, Enflam , Thymus, Women's Complete Multivitamin, and much more! All of our formulas are tested in our US-based cGMP facility with utmost quality for you.
  • Amino Acids
    Amino Acids are the building block to protein. Protein supports almost every part of a healthy functioning body. We offer many formulations to help support immune the immune system, boost performance, maintain muscle and tissue strength and promote healthy sleeping patterns.
  • Antioxidant
    Antioxidants are substances that can help protect cells against free radicals. These formulations address heart disease, metabolic disturbances, mental function and much more. Our products provide high potency antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene to support crucial daily functions.
  • Athletic Support
    Too much inflammation in the body results in chronic stress and negative impact on athletic performance. Along with managing inflammation in the body our products support a healthy inflammatory response and promotes recovery and healthy immune functions.
  • B Vitamins
    B-vitamins play any essential role in the body; they are crucial building blocks to health. We offer a variety of B-vitamin formulations that impact energy, stress, cell health and brain functions.
  • Bacterial Balance
    80% of your immune system is housed in the gut. There is great necessity to have healthy gut microflora in most disease processes. We have a vast array of pre-, pro-, and anti-bacterial blends to assist in balancing bacteria in the gut, optimizing overall immune health.
  • Bedroom Formulas
    Herbal products with hormonal and aphrodisiac support, as well as herbs that may be helpful for the immune system of the reproductive organs.
  • Bladder Support
    Our urinary products are designed to help you have a comfortable and healthy urinary tract. Support healthy bladder function with diverse formulations using various herbals and nutritional help.
  • Blood Formation Support
    Our blood formation support formulations provide nutrients known to nourish the body's natural assimilation of iron. These products encourage normal red blood cell production. All of our products are tested to ensure we meet the highest purity standards.
  • Blood Pressure Health
    Nearly 50% of the population struggles with high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in U.S. These products are packed with antioxidants, essential omegas, as well as vasodilating and astringing herbs, to support overall heart health.
  • Blood Sugar Support
    Many cofactors and nutrients are essential to effectively lower blood sugars. These formulas supply vitamins, minerals, and herbs to synergistically optimize glucose uptake into cells.
  • Books
    We feature books by our partner practitioners, including Dr. Paul Anderson, Dr. Mona Morstein and Dr. Marianne Marchese
  • Brain Support
    There are more than 40 neurotransmitters in the human body. Anxiety can cause a drastic decrease in the essential nutrients that our nervous system needs to function properly. These products offer a comprehensive supplementation of these nutrients, in combination with herbal ingredients to balance the nervous system's overactivity.
  • Calcium
    Calcium performs a number of basic functions in your body. Your body uses 99 percent of its calcium to keep your bones and teeth strong, thereby supporting skeletal structure and function.
  • Cardiovascular Support
    Our cardiovascular blends are full of proteolytic enzymes, omegas, antioxidant cofactors, and amino acids to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride balance, and decrease inflammation.
  • Cellular Support
    Cells work together to perform every function within the body, and therefore, if cells do not receive the proper nutrition that they need to function, the body will not function properly.
  • Chewable
    Kid Friendly formulas and digestive aids for adults; our soft chewable tablets are the size of a nickel and delicious. Check out products like Licorice Plus, B-12 Rapid Shot, Kinder Well, and more!
  • Children's Formulations
    As children grow up, they are frequently exposed to new illnesses. Kinder Well, Kinder Clear, and Kindermune are pediatric-doses of supportive nutrients for active kids' immune system and respiratory tract well-being!
  • Cholesterol Support
    Cholesterol is a ubiquitous molecule crucial for hormone production, bile acid synthesis for digestion of fats, and structurally needed for every single cell membrane. Our targeted formulas are designed to optimize these pathways for overall healthy cholesterol metabolism.
  • Circulation Support
    Distinct ingredients to enhance blood vessel integrity, promoting better heart health, gut health, and reproductive health.
  • Cognitive Support
    The brain is responsible for countless bodily functions, but what about the mental/ emotional/ behavioral component of your health? Reinforce your mental and cognitive function with amino acids and neurotransmitters of the purest quality with these formulations.
  • D Vitamins
    There are limitless roles that Vitamin D has in the body: antineoplastic, Immune modulation, skeletal support, cardiovascular health, muscle health, infections, gastrointestinal disorders mental health, fatigue, neurological health, and autoimmunities. Support these metabolic processes with these products!
  • Detox Support
    Many organs work together to clear toxins in your body, including the liver, stomach, bladder, and kidneys; ensure these systems are working adequately by supplementing essential nutrients involved in Phase 1 and Phase 2 detox pathways!
  • DHEA
    Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands. DHEA maintains healthy energy levels and supports estrogen and testosterone levels already within the normal range.
  • Digestive Health
    These products help ease the passage of food in every section of your digestive tract; support this process with specific herbal compounds, probioitcs, and cofactors to aid in rebuilding a healthy gut lining and efficient digestion.
  • Enzymes
    Digestive enzymes are proteins that regulate the chemical reactions the body uses to digest food; the enzymes break down the food into nutrient pieces until they are small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body.
  • Emotional Support
    Stress on your body depletes many helpful neurotransmitters, amino acids, and many other essential nutrients for stable mental health. These products may help optimize your body's storage and use of these common molecules.
  • Endocrine System
    Your endocrine system is responsible for hormones, which are important chemical messengers that travel throughout the body coordinating complex processes like growth, metabolism, and fertility. Support these processes with these synergistic blends of high quality, ethically sourced ingredients!
  • Energy
    Energy fuels all cellular function! Replenish your body's cofactors needed for all intracellular enzymatic reactions. Many of our products specifically address stress and adrenal support, check out our glandular and vegan formulations.
  • Essential Fatty Acids
    We not only strive to provide you the highest quality Fish Oils, but we have also combined our Omega-3 fatty acids with Vitamin D and CoQ10, into a unique blast of antioxidants.
  • Eye Health
    With the natural aging process and prolonged stress, the body inevitably faces degeneration of tissues and organ function. Protect your eye health with a broad spectrum support of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Exclusive Formulations
    We have partnered with Dr. Paul Anderson, Dr. Mona Morstein, and Dr. Marianne Marchese to formulate exclusive products manufactured only by Priority One; with years of clinical experience behind them, these doctors have produced products are each a synergistic blend of vitamins, botanicals, minerals to support various disease processes, used by many doctors in the field.
  • Flavonoids
    Flavonoids are a group of compounds that are involved in various immune system functions, inflammation pathways, and antioxidant reactions. Give these a boost with our plant derived vitamin formula!
  • Folate
    The methylfolate reaction is one of the most important reactions that occurs in every cell in your body, responsible for DNA, amino acid, and ultimately energy production. Check out our products to help balance and enhance your methylation pathways.
  • Folic Acid
    Folic acid, or folate, is a B vitamin. Folic acid is the synthetic form supplied in multivitamins and foods fortified with folic acid. Check out our line of products including 5-MTHF, Folate Methylation, and Methyl Balance.
  • Gallbladder
    The liver and gallbladder work hand-in-hand to help filter toxins and breakdown fats and proteins in our diet; whether the liver is overloaded, or the gallbladder is sluggish, these formulations provide the extra nutrients to support and optimize these essential processes.
  • Gastrointestinal Health
    The GI system is a lengthy organ, thus there are many disorders that can target any number of areas from your mouth to your colon! Enhance this passageway with the right vitamins and nutrients to help repair and alleviate discomfort, as well as aid in eradication of any microbes that may be the cause.
  • Glandular Formulations
    Our glandular products contain antibiotic and growth-hormone free bovine and porcine glands from Denmark and New Zealand - these formulations are a synergistic blend of glandular, vitamins, cofactors, and botanicals, to optimize the many different endocrine pathways in our body.
  • Glucose Health
    Our focus in glucose health is to provide complete comprehensive support to the pathways that maintain sugar metabolism already within the normal range. Our formulations supply a broad spectrum of clinical strength micronutrients and phytochemicals.
  • Heart Health
    Our cardiovascular blends are full of proteolytic enzymes, omegas, antioxidant cofactors, and amino acids to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride balance, and decrease inflammation. Check out products including Cardio Chelation, Cardio Plus, Healthy Heart, Omega Daily Essentials, and more.
  • Hormone Support
    These amazing blends are formulated with hormone balancing botanicals, as well as nutrients to support the metabolism and clearance of hormones through the liver. Check out our blends for both females and males including Hormone Clear, Fem-Bal, Estro-Flash, Prostate Health, ProstaDIM and more!
  • Immune Health
    The immune system is a complex biological structure designed to protect life. It is composed of many layers and mechanisms that must work in harmony to defeat invading antigens. Our immune support formulas provide a combination of immune support essentials; vitamin A, C, B6, zinc and a powerful lineup of herbal extracts.
  • Joints
    Joint Flex is a glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate combination formulated to encourage elasticity and movement in joints and connective tissue. This formula helps promote the body's natural ability to heal damaged tissue and enhances the synthesis of glycoproteins. Check out more products here to support joint health.
  • Kidney Health
    Healthy kidneys clean waste products from the blood by making urine. They also balance the amount of certain elements in your blood, and make hormones that control blood pressure and red blood cells. We utilize unique ingredients in our products including Bromelain, Yucca, Mojave (root), Japanese Sophora, Banaba, Pumpkin seed, Buchu, and Rehmannia.
  • Liver Health
    Our liver support products offer a combination of natural compounds formulated utilizing lipotropic nutrients , herbs, and glandulars to support the normal elimination of undesirable compounds from the body while promoting healthy lipid metabolism.
  • Men's Formulations
    All of our men's formulations offer a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help support men's overall well-being and reproductive health. Learn more about our men's formulations including Men's Complete, Prostate Extra, and many more!
  • Memory Support
    Our supplements feature a synergistic combination of nutrients and botanicals to support cognitive and memory function. Check out products including Fibro Plus, L-Tyrosine, and Omega Daily Essentials.
  • Mood Support
    We are dedicated to providing high quality products that incorporate naturally occurring compounds and formulas to gently support pathways that impact serotonin, dopamine, cortisol, and excitatory/inhibitory neurotransmitters.
  • Methylation
    DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism involving the transfer of a methyl group onto the C5 position of the cytosine to form 5-methylcytosine. Check out products like 5-MTHF and Methyl Balance formulated by Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD.
  • Minerals
    We conduct 100% testing using USP method 1119 Near-Infrared spectroscopy, a scientific process that uses chemometric models to identify all raw materials. All of our minerals are tested to assure that our products meet the highest purity standards.
  • Multi Vitamins
    The nutrient content of food in the 21st century is not as optimal as it used to be - multivitamins can help give you a boost! Our vitamins are all free of dye, heavy metals, radiation, antibiotics, and growth hormones.
  • Musculoskeletal
    Support all aspects of musculoskeletal health, from bone maintenance to muscle and joint health, with our premium nutritional and herbal products. All of our products are tested to ensure we meet the highest purity standards in our cGMP facility.
  • Nervous System Health
    The nervous system requires a healthy supply of staple nutrients such as vitamins and minerals to maintain a normal, healthy structure and function. Learn more about our line of products including 5-Hydroxy Tryptophan, B-12 Rapid Shot, CFS Complex, and many more!
  • Pancreas
    The pancreatic enzymes amylase, lipase, and protease naturally support healthy digestion when taken with meals. Pancreatic enzymes promote a healthy inflammatory response to exercise. Learn more about our formulations including Pancreas 8xtra and Priority Zyme.
  • Pituitary
    The pituitary gland is sometimes called the "master gland". It plays an important role in maintaining healthy hormone levels and is essential to the well-being of the entire endocrine system. Pituitary Plus promotes healthy pituitary function with glandular concentrates supported by synergistic herbs and minerals.
  • PreNatal
    Our prenatal formulations offer a vast array of vitamins, herbs, and minerals to support the nutritional needs of mother and baby. Some ingredients used in our Pre-Natal include Japanese Sophora, Ginger, Bitter Orange, L-Glutamic Acid, and many more.
  • Prostate Health
    Our prostate formulations are designed to support a healthy prostate and maintain male hormones within the normal range. Each product contains a unique blend of herbs and nutrients including L-Glutamic Acid, L-Alanine, and L-Glycine.
  • Quality of Life Formulas
    All of our Quality of Life Formulas are manufactured at our Pacific Northwest cGMP facility. Each finished product is tested again for microbial adulteration as well as heavy metals; arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.
  • Respiratory Health
    Our unique respiratory formulas help to support a normal respiratory tract during times of compromise. Learn about our latest formulations including Seasonal Clear and Kinder Clear. All of our products are tested to ensure we meet the highest purity standards.
  • SIBO Protocol
    Check out our fantastic line of SIBO products including SIBOtic, SIBOZyme, SIBO-Rebuild, SIBO-MMC, and Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced. Every finished batch is tested again for microbial adulteration, thus assuring that every batch meets the highest purity standards.
  • Sleep
    All of our sleep formulations are designed to support the body's natural sleep cycle. Try one of our latest products including R.E.M. and Melatonin. Each product is tested to ensure we meet the highest quality standards in our cGMP facility
  • Thymus
    Our thymus gland is GH free, from Denmark. This is the only country that has been antibiotic and growth-hormone free for all bovine and porcine glands since 1998. Check out products like Immuno Caps, Thymus 300 mg, Kindermune, and Immuno Plus.
  • Thyroid Health
    Our thyroid glandular is sourced from New Zealand, which is also well respected for purity. Check out our latest line of thyroid products including Thyroid 32.5 mg, Thyroid 65 mg, Thyroid 130 mg, Thyroid Plus, and Thyroid Support.
  • Urological Health
    All of our urological support products including Urinary Defense, Urinary Tranquility, UA Clear, and Urgent less use the highest quality ingredients. Our cGMP facility ensures all botanicals are radiation-free.
  • Vegetarian Formulations
    All of our vegetarian formulations meet the highest quality standards in our cGMP facility including Anxiety Balance, Curcumin, Biotic Extra, Bio-Vegetarian, and many more!
  • Vein Support
    We offer many formulations that offer vein support including products like Diamend, Alpha GTF, Red Yeast Rice, Omega Daily Essentials, and many more! Each finished product is tested again for microbial adulteration as well as heavy metals.
  • Women's Formulations
    All of our women's formulations meet the highest quality standards in our cGMP facility including Women's Formula, Women's Complete, Fem-Bal, Estro-Flash, and many more!
  • Workout Recovery
    We offer many formulas to support workout recovery, including products like Joint Flex, Enflam, Priority Zyme, Proto-Zyme, and much more! All of our formulations are tested to meet the highest quality standards in our cGMP facility.
  • Zinc
    Our full-service cGMP manufacturing facility ensures all forms of zinc meet the highest quality standards in all of our formulations including, Zinc Orotate, Bio-Vegetarian, Biotic Extra, Kindermune, and many more!