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Proto-Zyme (180 Tablets) New two tablet serving!

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Proto-Zyme provides powerful proteolytic enzymes.*
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New two tablet serving size, with smaller easier to swallow tablets!

One of the original four products introduced by Priority One in 1988, Proto-Zyme provides powerful proteolytic enzymes. Enzyme therapy is beneficial to a healthy immune system, joint, muscle, and tendon health.* 

Proto-Zyme is a proteolytic enzyme tablet designed to support the body's normal connective tissue repair and synthesis processes, while maintaining a normal inflammatory response.*

Over twice the strength of Wobenzyme N®, Proto-Zyme supplies the additional nutrients zinc, lysozyme, cellulose, and thymus.*
Wobenzyme N® is a registered trademark of Mucos Emulsions, Gmbh.

See also Priority Zyme, Curcumin, Enflam, or P.R.F. 

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